Freedom for your dogs to romp and swim - great for humans too!

Are you tired of the decrease of open parkland and the ever increasing restrictions placed on dog owners?  Well then, Walkhaven Dog Park was created with you and your family in mind!

Walkhaven Dog Park is situated in the Muldersdrift area right next to the Cradle of Humankind on 22 hectares of rolling grassland.  We also have two large dams surrounded by lush wetland that is home to a large variety of our feathered friends.  Braai and picnic facilities are strategically placed throughout the park should you wish to bring your own refreshments. Alternatively allow one of our friendly waiters to help you choose from our pub or pizza menu and enjoy your lunch under the shady trees in our tea garden area with your best friend beside your side.

Walkhaven is open 7 days a week for your convenience and enjoyment.  Please remember that Walkhaven is a private property and that we also reside here -
Please respect our park hours of 7am to 6:30pm.

Our restaurant, Walkhaven Kitchen and the Dog Box are now open Wednesday to Sunday as well as public holidays from 08h30 to 16h30. 

Day Entrance to Walkhaven Dog Park:
R35 per adult and R20 for kids and pensioners.

Entrance to Walkhaven Dog Park is R35 per adult and R20 for kids and pensioners.  For our regular visitors an annual membership to Walkhaven is available for only R720 per adult per year and R360 for pensioners (kids free with parent members).  Members enjoy free unlimited access to Walkhaven Dog Park.

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Restaurant and Tea Garden open Wednesday to Sunday.

We hope you enjoy our Little Peace of Countryside